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Safety Tips

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Fundamental First Aid: The ABC's Safety First: Before You Start. Universal precautions, such as gloves or eye protection, are steps used to reduce the potential for victims to infect rescuers.

1. Think ABC:
A: Awake?
B: Breathing?
C: Continue Care

2. A: Awake?
A is for Awake. Give him a brisk shake of the shoulders and shout something loud enough to give him a chance to wake up.

3. B: Breathing
B is for Breathing. If your victim is not breathing, start CPR by pushing on the middle of his chest, right between the nipples: 30 chest compressions, followed by two rescue breaths, and repeat.

4. C: Continue Care
C is to Continue Care. If the victim is face down and unconscious, roll her on her back, face up. If the victim has fluid, blood, vomit or food in his mouth, roll him on his side with his arm under his head. Stop any bleeding by putting pressure on the wound.

5. D: Ambulance Not Coming?
Injuries that need immediate care: Amputations, Bee stings, Bleeding, Burns, Head Injuries, Snake bites. Exposure injuries that need immediate treatment: Heat illness, Hypothermia. Injuries that can wait, unless you absolutely have to treat them: Frostbite, Broken bones, Dress wounds as needed.

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