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Fire Extinguishers Spares & Fittings

It's important to have your fire fighting equipment's checked regularly for safety, compliance as well as in good working order. We stock fire fitting equipment's spare parts and fittings for all different types of fire extinguishers. From Seats to safety pins, syphon tubes gauges Busting Disc, Discharge Hose, Discharge Nozzles, Discharge Horn, Cartridges, Fire Extinguisher Wall Brackets, O Rings, Handlers and Levers, Safety Pins, Valve Assembly, Washers, Seals, Jubilee Clips, Siphon Tube, Gauges, PVC Hose Tubing, Retainers, Shafts, Springs, Stop Cocks and more, we have all the necessary parts to maintain all your fire fighting equipment's.

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