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Data Usage Policy

Please note all other restrictions on the use of our Services contained in the Terms also apply to your use of the Data. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are hereby incorporated by reference into these Data Usage Terms ("Data Usage Terms"). In the event of a conflict between the Terms and these Data Usage Terms, or between the Privacy Policy and these Data Usage Terms, these Data Usage Terms shall control.

Types of Data You May Publish

These Data Usage Terms apply only to data supplied to you by us and do not include data provided by our partners or affiliates, which is subject to each partner or affiliates' own policies. .

Public Data/Metadata

You may publish data that has been released into the public domain by an authorized party, as outlined in this policy ("Public Data"). Examples of this may include an application name, icon, app description and public reviews. We do not own the Public Data you receive from us. While you may publish such Public Data, you may not receive any compensation for displaying it. You also may not automate the collection of Public Data through our Site or Services (e.g. you may not use bots, scraping, and/or spiders)..

Proprietary Data

If the data we provide to you is not Public Data ("Proprietary Data"), you MAY NOT publish it unless you have been expressly authorized to so by Fireline Safety Kenya in writing, or your subscription agreement expressly allows it. Proprietary Data includes, but is not limited to, our estimates of downloads and revenue or any metrics based on such estimates of downloads or revenue (e.g., individual application or publisher's indexed downloads, indexed revenue, revenue-to-download ratios, or market share), SDK data, and any data related to rankings.

Unless you have a separate agreement with Fireline that states otherwise (in which case the terms of such separate agreement will control), you may ONLY use Proprietary Data internally with your officers, directors, employees, and contractors as a means to enhance your own product(s) or service(s). You may not publicly display, perform, license, sublicense, distribute or otherwise use the Proprietary Data for any other purpose. If you have further questions about internal use of Proprietary Data or what qualifies as Proprietary Data, please email us at admin@fireline.co.ke.

Blog Posts and Reports

Fireline Safety Kenya blog posts, reports, and slide decks are protected by copyright and may not be republished in their entirety. If you want to publish more than one-quarter of the content from any such source, you must obtain prior approval from Fireline as outlined above. Specifically, if you are publishing less than one-quarter of a blog post, you may re-post it but must link back to fireline.co.ke. Reports and slide decks many not be re-posted at all (even less than one-quarter) but must be directly linked to..

Citing Our Data and Reports Source

When publishing Public Data, Proprietary Data (if so permitted by us as outlined above), blog, reports or slide decks you receive through our Site or Services, you must clearly indicate the source as "Fireline". You must with the exact URL corresponding to each page containing Public Data, Proprietary Data, blogs, reports, or slide decks that you reference. If you cite Fireline data together with other data, you must indicate clearly which data points came from which source..

Ranking Data

When citing Fireline rankings ("Rankings"), you must clearly indicate the full context, including the following, as appropriate: store, geography, time period (including year), category, device, and measure (e.g., revenue, downloads, free v. paid downloads). All Rankings must be labeled with the specific day or hour. If Rankings are based on a custom category (e.g. sports apps) rather than a standard category defined by the app store from which it was pulled, then you must footnote that category definition clearly. Furthermore, that custom list of apps must be made available to the public clearly within that report. For example, if you are creating custom rankings based on marketplace data, then the source for the custom rankings should go further than simply stating "Fireline Insights" and state something similar to: "Source: Rankings calculated by [your company name] based on Fireline's Insights using a custom category of X [e.g. sports] apps.".


If you are publishing screenshots of Fireline tables, charts, or other content that are in the public domain, the Fireline logo must be clearly visible in the screenshots..

Custom Metrics

If you are citing metrics calculated on a custom basis, the source should be: "Source: [Your company name]'s custom calculations based on Fireline intelligence data.".


Fireline Safety Kenya is a fire safety and security product supplier and service provider, based on a professional service retailer model; it is not a product manufacturer.

Last Updated May 10, 2018

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