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Security Cables

You always want to know your cables are connected properly, but certain connections are more critical than others, and could save lives: burglar alarms, fire and smoke detectors, warning signals... If their connection fails, the results could be disastrous. Our selection of flame resistance fire alarm and security cables will make sure your emergency devices function properly when they're needed most.

Our range includes multicore alarm cables including unscreened, screened, underground (UG) in both full copper and Cabnex (CCA), single-core coaxial, fire alarm cables and coaxial plus power or data composites.

Break-ins and unwanted visitors can leave significant damage behind, and not just financially, as burglaries can leave significant emotional and practical after-effects too. For this reason many people choose to have an alarm fitted. The best alarms need the best alarm cable, and that's where we come in. Our alarm cable range comes in full copper and Cabnex (CCA) variants, and is fully compliant with BS4737 Section 3.30 types 1-3.

With a range of core counts, sheath types, and sheath colors, our alarm cable range includes; Unscreened Alarm Cable
Screened Alarm Cable
Cabnex CCA Alarm Cable
Underground (Direct Burial) Alarm Cable

Alarm Cable Our alarm cable range includes CCA (our Cabnex product), and all of our alarm cable versions come in a variety of core counts and sheath colors. Additionally, LSZH and direct burial versions are available. with much of our alarm cable range available for next-day delivery.

Our range of alarm cable includes; Webro's range of 4-30 core alarm cable is suitable for use to connect intruder alarm systems. Our range of unscreened, screened and underground alarm cable is all manufactured with copper conductors and comply with BS 4737 Section 3.30 (Specification for PVC insulated cables for interconnecting wiring). Our commercial range of alarm cable , Cabnex features CCA conductors, and is again available in core counts of 4-30, with additional options available on request. CCTV Cable With security being of paramount importance to most individuals and businesses, CCTV has become a way to gain some peace of mind. One of the most underappreciated parts of any CCTV system is the cabling used. Use Webro CCTV cables to get the most from your CCTV system.

Our range of composite CCTV cables are ideal for use on camera signal, data & control systems, and include either an RG59 or URM70 coaxial cable, accompanied by either power cores (0.50mm2, 0.75mm2 or 1.50mm2), or a multipair data cable. Both circular and shotgun constructions are available. CCTV Cable applications consisting of either a URM70, RG59 or Cabnex 59 coaxial cable for signal transmission and two power cores for providing power to the cameras.

Coaxial & Power Cable ⦁ RG59 B/U + 2 x 0.75mm2 Shotgun Cable (SP7)
⦁ URM70 + 2 x 0.75mm2 Shotgun Cable
⦁ Cabnex59 + 2 x 0.50mm2 Shotgun Cable
⦁ RG59 + 2 x 0.50mm2 Circular Cable
⦁ URM70 + 2 x 0.50mm2 + 2 x 1.0mm2 Circular Cable
⦁ URM70 + 2 x 0.75mm2 Circular Cable
⦁ URM70 _ 2 x 1.50mm2 Circular Cable
Coaxial & Data CCTV Cable

CCTV Cable applications consisting of a URM70 coaxial cable for signal transmission and a Belden equivalent for data transmission. ⦁ URM70 + 8723 Belden Equivalent Circular Cable ⦁ URM70 + 8442 Belden Equivalent Circular Cable

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